Spinal Stenosis and Scoliosis

Neurosurgeons train for years to gain special expertise in microsurgical treatment of spinal stenosis especially with concomitant scoliosis. As the human spine ages, there are acquired degenerative changes that cause narrowing of the passageways for the nerves and the spinal cord. As the structure of the spine degenerates, there is a tendency toward asymmetric settling, which often causes an abnormal curvature at that location known as degenerative scoliosis. Dr. Vokshoor obtained additional fellowship training in complex surgical treatment algorithms for spinal stenosis and deforming scoliosis.

Scoliosis/Kyphosis – as mentioned below, describes conditions where the curves of the spine are altered. The altered anatomy may result in neck pain, upper and lower back pain and numbness and weakness of arms and/or legs.

Spinal Stenosis - Narrowing of the spinal canal imparts pressure on the spinal cord and spinal nerve. Patients usually have pain, with numbness, tingling or weakness that worsens with walking, and may be relieved by rest.

The MedScape article below written by Dr. Vokshoor can help with some of the defenitions: