Anna Schane

My name is Anna, age 61, Asian. I lived with intermittent back pain for 9 years, was physically active for most of that time. The pain increased in intensity and duration with each passing year until the pain finally limited my ability to sit, stand or walk without a shooting, stabbing pain in the lower back down to my toes which had become numb 24/7. I had tried chiropractic decompression, acupuncture, physical therapy, yoga, pain medication without relief. Surgery seemed the only answer.

I did research for the newest techniques, doctors and patient testimonials. A good friend recommended the D.I.S.C. Center in Marina del Rey and Dr. Amir Vokshoor who preformed a successful laminectomy on him. Before my appointment with Dr. Vokshoor, I had appointments with 2 other surgeons who recommended traditional back surgery and gave me about 5 minutes of their time. My appointment with Dr. Vokshoor was very different. The xrays taken that morning were available for viewing within minutes. He allowed me to ask questions and he fully explained my back problems as we looked at the xrays together. In diagnosis Dr. Vokshoor was convinced surgery was the only option. I had two main trouble areas in my lower spine, the most critical was at the L5-S1 region where a condition known as spondylolisthesis existed. The surgery revealed that the condition in my back were even worse than the imaging had indicated, so the entire operation took much longer than expected, but the results were wonderful! I was home on the third day and stopped taking pain pills a few days thereafter. I still have no pain in my back or legs. With continued physical therapy, home exercises and walking, I hope to resume my former activities including golf and yoga soon. I am very grateful to the D.I.S.C. Center and especially Dr. Amir Vokshoor.